How are people feeling about Discourse?

We have a cat who likes to chew wires. My husband, whose desk was in an area the cat hangs out in, replaced his keyboard and mouse with wireless set after losing several wired sets to the cat.

The can also be good if you have a tight or awkward space, and don’t want wires in the way. Or if you have a laptop without a lot of USB connections, and you can attach both the mouse and they keyboard via one dongle, and not need a separate cord for each. (Yes, new laptops can be short on USB ports.)

You must have brutal children. You should probably keep them away from electric appliances too. :smiley: I have never broken a headphone jack. Are you talking about physically breaking them or just an internal thing where it stops working?

I’ve said this in other threads but I still wonder if having “dope” in the name of the board makes the Sun-Times keep us at arms length. I just can’t see them sending out a tweet every few months about “joining this great message board, The Straight Dope!” I think it’s already pretty obvious that the board doesn’t have great name recognition. I would have no problem changing the board name if it meant a little free advertising from the Sun-Times. I don’t even care if they want to rename it The Talk To Cecil Adams message board. The Sun-Times can reach a lot more people in one tweet than all the users put together. Unless some of you are holding out on us and are really famous.

There is – you can reset the device so it forgets all previous bluetooth connections. Most modern BT devices will pair with multiple devices at once.

I have very… high energy … children. Runs in the family.

Hmm. I have three Bluetooth devices. Well, plus the car, i guess. The car is the only one that can pair with “multiple” devices at once. The other three are headsets, and one of them can pair with two devices, and the other two only with one.

All were purchased fairly recently, and none was a cheapie device.

OK. This isn’t happening now.

Add me to the people who’ve never broken a headphone jack.

I’m kinda surprised that kids who are energetic enough to wreck multiple headphone jacks aren’t also constantly losing their wireless headphones. I’ve never seen a broken headphone jack, but lost ear buds - individual or still in their charging case - are a regular find when I’m out and about.

I put one pair of wireless Beats earbuds through the wash and sat on a pair Bose… Those losses dwarf my life time expenditure on wired earbuds.

I’ve found earbuds in a taxi, an Uber, two restaurants and 2 or 3 times on walking/biking paths. too bad they don’t have built in GPS so you can track down your lost ones.

They kinda do. If you have Turn My Device turned on for them, they should give you the rough location of them them the last time they were connected to your phone. However that only works for a set amount of time (and that time is different depending on if they’re in or out of the case). So the person that lost them on their run and noticed it when they got home can probably find it (if you leave it there), but the person who didn’t notice for a week might not be so lucky.

I did not know that. Damn! Here I thought I came up with a new moneymaking scheme. Back to the drawing board.