How to perfectly emulate the UserCP bookmarked threads page from vBulletin

This was probably already shared in one of the discourse megathreads, but I stopped reading those after the first few days post-move. So apologies if this is old news.

I’m a weird flavor of Luddite. I don’t mind new technology, but I hate new systems which replace those I’ve grown familiar with. I used in-browser mouse gestures for long after the extra little buttons standard on most meeses made them irrelevant.

The thing that I hated most about Discourse was the loss of the userCP page, which is what I always used as my SDMB landing. Here is how to recreate it perfectly. It doesn’t take much fiddling at all, but it does take a minimal amount of fiddling. Here’s how to do it for anyone in my boat.

1) Navigate to your user preferences.

2) Go to ‘notifications’ and set “when I post in a topic” to “tracking.” This is not the default setting.

3) Set up a new bookmark in your browser with the following url:

  1. That’s it. The bookmarked search result’s output is identical to the old userCP and makes checking up on your most relevant threads a breeze. It’ll put threads with new responses at the top. And, of course, you can set interesting threads you haven’t posted in to “tracking” and they’ll show up as well.


Thank you. I will find that useful when I get back to my normally-used machine.

Thank you for this.

I’m glad some people found it useful!

I will try that. I, too, used to use UserCP as a main way to keep up with my activity, and have been missing it.

I bookmark threads from the topic controls button and open them by going to the bookmark icon in my avatar controls.

Dang. Why am I just seeing this now? Gonna try it.

Thanks, I had been looking for something like this. Not very hard, but looking. I had to set my preferences for ‘Automatically track topics I enter’ to ‘never’ for this to work right, though—for some reason, it was set to ‘after 2 minutes’, so threads I’d only ever read, not posted to, would show up there, too.

Thanks for bumping this, I missed it the first time around and I’m finding it pretty useful. Saves me the trouble of having to set a thread to “tracking” and bookmarking it at the same time.