Is "User CP" failing for anyone else?


Why would you click “UserCP” and not, say “New Posts?”

Just asking, never used UserCP that way. (Learn something new every day if you’re not careful.)

Because UserCP shows all the subscribed threads with new or recent posts.

Ah, well, that is a horse of a different color.

And the user cp can be refreshed at will, while new posts is subject to the two minute search limitation.

I use user CP all the time. Not only can I see subscribed threads with new posts, but y choosing “show all” I can track down old threads I’ve posted in or simply subscribed to. I’ll use thread tools to subscribe to a thread to save it for the future.

My User CP is my SDMB bookmark. It instantly shows me any new activity in threads I’ve posted in, or subscribed to.

:eek: Now I’m wondering how many other posters don’t know about this.

I just assumed everyone used UserCP like that. I know that’s how I’ve always been using the boards.

I don’t. But then again, I don’t really care enough to subscribe to threads, or even go back to some that I posted in.

[curly]Oh, a drive-by, eh?[/curly]

Yes, in response to another one.