Where is the UserCP link on the new board?

I’ve looked for it but I honestly don’t see it now. It used to be in the top drop down menus, but what I have there now is a drop down menu of the various forum, a link called New(), Latest and Top. I see there are 3 buttons at the top right, one for search, one that brings up a menu list for badges, latest, unread, etc, and one that seems to be my user but all it has in it are links to threads I have posted in. I know it’s got to be here somewhere, and I figure once someone points it out I’ll be doing a palm to face thing, but can someone give an old guy a clue here?

Click your avatar upper right corner and click your username.

So, when I do that I get a drop down menu that says Summary, Activity, Messages, Drafts, Preferences, and Log Out. I would have thought it would be in Preferences, but I still don’t see it. Is it in one of the other menu choices?

Ok. Click on your avatar. Drop down the menu and click preferences. Move over to the account box, click it. It will drop down, click on profile.

Click on interface if you wanna change things about your screen.

Clicking on UserCP used to give you a list of your subscribed threads. There isn’t an exact equivalent on Discourse, but there are some things that are similar:

Maybe I’m asking the wrong question here. I basically followed what you said, and indeed I am in the Profile section, but I don’t see the stuff I used to see in UserCP, namely my membership info and specifically, how I pay for continued membership. I suspect that I have some time here (I think I still had a year left on my membership), but I wanted to make sure I had paid up to date and I’m not seeing that in here. I wish I could snip what I’m seeing and paste it into the post, but that doesn’t seem to be working for me for some reason (I don’t think it worked before either).

I don’t think they’ve rolled out what used to be called ‘paid subscriptions.’