Can't find, in my CP, threads I started

Looked under “activities” - no go.

If you go to your user control panel page and click “Activity” (not activities) on the top menu the result is a list of every post you’ve made.

Now look at the menu down the left side. That menu says

By default the “All” choice is selected = bold/dark. And shows every post you’ve ever made, newest to oldest.
Click “Topics” to see just the threads you’ve started, again from newest to oldest.
I think “Replies” means all non-OP posts.
“Drafts” are posts you started but never submitted, or that the internet ate on the way back to Discourse.
The “etc.” choices farther down are mostly unused here at SDMB.

Bottom line: on your user CP page, click Activity then Topics. Viola!

Ah, topics.

That was really useful, thank you so much,