See list of threads I've replied to

Is there any way to get a list of threads I’ve contributed to? The ‘unread’ section doesn’t do it.

This shortcut will pretty much do it.

Go to your user Icon in the upper right and the click on preferences (the upper body silhouette on the far right). Then choose Activity and the threads you replied to will show up.

In addition to these good suggestions you can also use the search feature to refine the roster of your posted threads in a bunch of ways.

Click the magnifying glass icon then choose the [options] link at lower right. From there you can search for threads you started, all your posts over any particular time period, all those in certain categories, all those containing certain words, etc. And yes, all your old vBulletin threads & posts can be searched this way too.

If you’re really a glutton for punishment you can follow @Si_Amigo’s link then click the [download all] button at lower left. My 23,000 posts made for a big download.

OK, thanks everyone. Those do the trick.