Tracking posts

Is it possible to setup a “”-type page where favourite threads are followed? It could automatically include threads started by a person, and a link on each thread could be to “Add to home page”, as well as an option when replying to an existing thread.

I thought about this yesterday after coming back to the board after two or three days away and noticing that threads I was following during the week were hard to find (i.e., not on the first page anymore).

Does the vBulletin software support this?

Nope. I’m sorry that the software does not support that at this time. You should keep in mind that this software package is brand new from the ground up, so there’s a lot of things they plan to to incorporate in future editions. The vBulletin guys have a board where they’ll take suggestions for future features at

I usually bookmark threads if I want to keep track of them.

I go to the File pull-down and select Send Shortcut to Desktop. When I start back up I just click on them all.
That way, since they only last a day or two, they aren’t accumulating in the Favorites(Bookmark) list.

I’ve considered bookmarking, but it’s quite a pain to delete old ones after a while.

Then, I tried just bookmarking the search results page for my own posts, but not all the threads I wanted to track were ones I had posted to (like, say, the Smut Shop Employees one that blew up into a witch hunt). So, not finding either of those solutions ideal, I came up with the idea that’s in my OP.

Thanks for the advice, Uncle Beer.

This poster would like to encourage Do Z ( or anyone else ) to elaborate on this “File pull-down” method. This poster has Windows98 and knows little about it.

I would appreciate a better mousetrap.