Bookmarked threads

Ok, so to try to replicate my list of subscribed threads I’m trying out bookmarks.

One issue is that I have to jump to the end of the thread to bookmark it, but that’s livable.

The bigger issue is accessing them. On VBulletin I clicked User CP and there they were. Now I have to dig through my profile to get there.

So, two questions:

  1. Is there already a more direct way to access bookmarks
  2. If not, is thee anyway to add a link to them from the landing page to the boards or make it a choice under the categories drop down?
    I’m using the SDMB Light interface.

Click your avatar in the upper right, there’s a bookmark tab.

That’s it! Right in front of my eyes…

Thank you!

I’m wondering if setting a thread to ‘watched’ isn’t really a better equivalent to subscribing on the old board.

It means you get a notification every time someone posts something new on the thread. You will see the number of notifications popping up on your avatar.

There’s notification icon at the bottom of the scroll bar where you can change the status, so it’s always easy to do.

Admittedly, the only way to get a list of watched threads is to go to the advanced search page and select “Only return topics/posts… I’m watching” - or type in “in:watching” in the ordinary search box.

Open a thread that you know you want to bookmark and just press the b key. That should bring up the bookmark dialog.

A Bookmarks entry can be added to the navigation bar (Categories, Top, Latest, etc). Hasn’t been yet, but fingers crossed.

You can click on your profile avatar at the top (or press p), and then click on the bookmarks tab.