Subscribed threads

Has anyone managed to find anything in Discourse that works like the “subscribed threads” did under our previous software?


I’d VERY much like to see this as well - it was the default starting page for me

“Subscription” kinda happens automatically. You can change what is considered New in Preferences >> Notifications. Set a thread to Tracking or Watched to keep a close eye on it. Set it to Normal to just let it sit there. And set it to Muted to never see it again.

You can also Bookmark threads, which works similar to Subscribed Threads on the old board.

Go to Preferences >> Email to change what gets emailed to you.

So how do I get a list of only threads I have posted in arranged by last post date?

There can be a My Posts section up there with Categories, Latest, and New, but admin needs to turn it on (I think it’s standard, but it might be an add-on).

Thanks! So really no way to do it now I guess - correct?

Not really, not unless you remember to bookmark all of the threads you participate in.

Well that’s a workaround at least - thanks!

So how do I see only the topics I have bookmarked?

Click your avatar and then click the bookmark icon. Click it twice to go to the Bookmarks section of your control panel.

Or click your avatar and click the bell. Go to Activity >> Bookmarks.

Thank you!

So all the threads I was subscribed to are now gone? It would be nice if we had been warned as I had some old threads subscribed in order to keep information I wanted; I could have downloaded some of that had I known. Many things were told to us about the change; too bad that was not one of them.

The lack of a list of subscribed threads sorted by currency is a deal breaker for me. I am not interested in a suit.
Discourse is far too needy. I urge the powers that be to either get this fixed or move to a platform that can get the job done/

Click on your icon in the upper right; then on your name; then on “activity”.

Just tripped over that by accident.

And if you’re subscribed to a thread because you posted in it, that should let you find it; though I think it’s sorted by time of your post, not by when the thread as a whole last updated.

That’s a start. Unfortunately it lists post instead of threads and not sorted by last update. It really feels like we’ve given up a LOT of functionality.

Clinging to the subscription standard is an exercise in futility. You’re not really going to find a feature like that here.

If you see threads with blue bubbles beside them, those are threads you’re “subscribed” to.

The best way I’ve found to use the board is to set the landing page to Latest. Go through and set every forum to Normal. Go back through and mute the forums you don’t want to get any notifications from, and set to Watching the forums you always want to get notifications from. (You can still get to any muted forums through the navigation drop-down list.)

When a thread pops up in your Latest view that you don’t want to see, mute it.

I’ll say it again…


I’m having decent luck by setting the status to Watching at the bottom of a thread (by default, it is Normal at first and changes to Tracking when you post in it). Then I can click my avatar and see how many new replies I have in each thread I’m watching. I set my site bookmark to the Notifications tab of my profile so I land there first.

It’s cluttered with other notifications like badges right now, but those should fade away after a little bit. So not exactly subscriptions, but close enough.

Try “Unread” in the hamburger menu - it lists all threads you’re tracking that have new posts. You automatically track any thread you posted in.

I think you automatically track any thread that you read, so that list could be longer than you want.