List of watching/tracking threads

I’ve been noticing lately how much I miss the previous software’s ability to show me a list of subscribed threads. Makes going to one to add something a bit easier.

Could this help?

People have said that it’s similar to the “subscribed posts” list. You could bookmark it if it helps. I don’t use it, so I’m not an expert about it, but others have noted that it was what they were looking for.

Looks like a step toward what I had in mind, at least. Thanks!

Three useful shortcuts you might want to have: (1st one mentioned above) leads to all recently changed threads you posted to change the user_name to your user name and see the threads you started. is the link for the button under your user profile.
Change the user_name to your user name.

Protip, you don’t need to change the username, the shortcut


is universal, e.g. try this link

That is really handy, thank you.

I guess we should duplicate this tip here too:

Not exactly what you asked, but in the ballpark. Sometimes it’s handy to have a few diferent ways to do things.

Ah, and we just added this to the user page as well, but note it will only appear on YOUR user page


Search for all the topics you are tracking, ordered by latest post.