How do I find my posts?

How do I find all of the posts I have made?

How do you sort the thing?

The results are chronological, so you can scroll to what you want if it’s recent. If not, then from your activity page click the search icon. It should autopopulate your name, and if you put in a key word and hit enter, the results will come up with a an advanced search panel where you can pinpoint your search parameters.


I saw that already. Meh. I simply wanted the results to be oldest first. Why should I have to enter a search term other than my user name for that? I do like a lot of this new board, but the search thing is not going to win any awards, IMHO.

Is it possible to see just threads I’ve started, preferably with the ability to limit by forum?

Dammit, I deleted my earlier reply by accident - snarl

But basically:

Click on your avatar on the top right
Click on your name
Click Activity

“All” is everything you’ve posted, in chronological order.
“Topics” are threads you’ve started.

If you do a search from that screen and put any random thing you’ll get the advanced search bar. That has a dropdown to search by forum.