Searching for posts by the poster’s name only

To further explain: my user name is also the name of an iconic guitar brand. If I do a search for my posts or threads, is there a way to do so that excludes all the instances in guitar threads?

IOW, search for “Stratocaster” instances as a poster only, not for every instance of a mention of the guitar.

My own damn fault for choosing that name.

You can just go to a poster’s activity page. Yours is below:

You can also try searching for @Stratocaster

For all that, to find your own posts, just search for @me

Thanks, guys. Simple enough…

Thanks, I didn’t know about that. But the posts from this method do come up in what seems to be random order (not date, not topic, as far as I can see). So you can narrow the search by using a search term in quotes after the @me. Like @me “gophers” will find any posts I have (ever?) made where the word “gophers” is used. (I found this out by trying it. There were 6 posts. Too many gophers.)

I think the sorting is by whatever Discourse calls “relevance.” There should be a box on the right that lets you sort by relevance, most recent post, and so on.

I tried looking for Eve’s postings the other day and @Eve came up dry – didn’t even come up with her name when the suggestions came up. I figured,having retired before the Great Discourse Migration, none of her works transitioned and no one noticed.

That should have worked. It worked for me.

Just to make sure it wasn’t a mod/admin thing I unbanned one of our test accounts and searched from there. All of Eve’s posts came up.

Dunno what happened in your case, of course, but if you try to copy/paste the name in, it won’t work a lot of times.

Echoing e_c_g, I tried the @Eve search and it returned hundreds of hits.

And now mine does too. Weird. I was looking for the brunch with Olivia DeHaviland thread thread.

I don’t see a box on the right (or in any other direction). If I click on the 3-line menu it takes me to a page where a lot of filters are available, but no sorting.

The sorting option doesn’t come up until you get the results of the search. Then you narrow it down by newest, latest, etc.

So you do a search for @eve and when the results come up, it’s always sorted by relevance. You can change that by clicking on the “sort by” button.

I recently learned that’s called a hamburger menu or hamburger button.

Yup, this is the term I learned and what I call it (when I guide/tutor/consult/etc.). Think of it as a patty between a top and bottom bun.