How are posts moderated?

At what point are threads examined to see if they should be kept on or not?
Are they allowed to sit on the message board until such time as a moderator has decided they should stay or go?

  1. Whenever we get around to it. That’s why we have more than one moderator per forum. To help reduce the workload on any one individual and it increases the likelihood of a moderator actually being on line to catch inappropiate postings/threads quickly.
  2. Yes. Moderators do not have the ability to read anything here before any other member of the community. In reality, we delete very little of what’s posted here.

Do moderators read every single post to their forum? (Does one moderator know if another one is moderating a particular thread?) How many hours a day does a moderator spend at it? It would seem like it would be quite alot, especially for the busier forums?

  1. We’re s’posed ta. Doesn’t always happen, though. Fortunately, the Teeming Millions are like Ivory® Soap, 99.44% pure. The vast majority of people here are very well behaved and want to see this place thrive, so they don’t shit in the nest, so to speak. There are also a number of members that alert us to potential trouble areas; they do this unofficially and we’re very grateful for their help. I liken them to residents of a city that actually go to their city council meetings, they’re just good citizens. Also, we don’t have a shitpotful of rules, (at least we don’t believe we do, others may argue that point), so with less rules, there’s obviously less enforcement required.

  2. Nope. The boards appear exactly the same to the moderators as they do to the community at large. We have no idea who is here at any given time. Our access is identical to yours also, that is, we experience all the same errors a slow conditions that you do. The exception to this, of course, is the moderator functions at the bottom of each page. They, quite obviously, are available to us, where you get some password error if you try to use them.

  3. I spend a minimum of 2 hours per day here, some days, much more than that. Not all of that is always spent moderating threads in my own forum, though a good bit of it is. I also spend quite a bit of time in the other fora , especially GQ and GD. And we cover for each other during vacations and business trips and so forth. This means we spend time in addition to the time normally spent in our designated forum.

  4. Well, I’l let you judge if it’s a lot of time. We also spend a good bit of time in e-mail discussions. Additionally, we’re all s’posed to write, or help write the Staff Reports. Obviously, there are a couple moderators that spend much more time doing this than others. Penultimately, TubaDiva takes care of posting most of the content on the Straight Dope® homepage and CKDexterHaven keeps the Staff Reports organized, both the questions and answers. Finally, we are all called on occsasionally to help with research for Cecil’s columns. This is usually a “Does anybody know anything about this?” type of question, usually nuttin’ to in-depth.