How are you rooting in the NBA Finals?

Who are you rooting for/against?

I loathe basketball, but even so I can generate enough interest to hope that Miami, and LeBron specifically, never wins a title. “The Announcement” and the boast that they would win numerous titles made me hope they lose every year, preferably in game seven of the Finals when LeBron does his usual fourth-quarter choke with the game on the line and Wade can’t bail the so-called league MVP out when it matters.

I don’t know. On the one hand I like Oklahoma City’s depth, Harden’s beard, Ibaka’s trampoline shot blocking, and Durant’s ability to make it look like he has practiced every off-balance improvised shot a million times. And I’m not a fan of LeBron or the Heat - but I’m also very tired of all the way people psychologize LeBron instead of paying attention to what he does on the basketball court, like the dominant performance in game or 6 what he just did in game 7, including in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. So I’m not sure what I want. I’d like to see a long and interesting series, particularly since this seemed like the most likely finals matchup for a lot of the season - especially after Derrick Rose was injured.

Since I lived in Florida for all but 5 months of my life, I am rooting for the Heat.

OKC defeated Texas, so they must fall.

You can’t expect a bunch of college kids to compete with grown ass men.

I despise Lebron James and want him to fail.

For OKC: Because I have family living there who are rabid Thunder fans.

Against Miami: Because fuck Miami.

For Miami, because what Clay Bennett did to the fans of Seattle was a 1000x more despicable than the way LeBron left Cleveland.

For the Heat, which is to say against the interest of the average irrational sports fan.

Put me in this line. The hatred of LeBron (a guy with no criminal record, and who by all accounts is a stand-up citizen) for the mistake that was “The Decision” and criticizing him for his perceived failures in the clutch (conveniently ignoring the times when he’s carried his team in the clutch) are out of control.

Not having a criminal record is a reason to root for someone? Pretty low bar you set.

Meanwhile, this jackass proclaims that, by signing him, his new team will win “not one, not two, not three…” etc championships. If that’s not the best reason to root against him ever winning one championship, I don’t know what is.

There’s really no such thing as the best reason to root for or against a guy. The Decision, and the fact that Dwight Howard and maybe Carmelo Anthony managed to handle the same decision in an even worse way was really a gift for LeBron. The clutch stuff is not completely made up but it’s certainly overblown; his playoff stats overall are very strong and he’s had some huge playoff games, including several this year.

There are plenty of sports fans, including people on this board, who conveniently ignore how bad a person an athlete is when rooting for them. I would personally rather root for a good person who lost his way in a bit of publicity, than a guy like Jason Kidd, who has been involved in wife-beating and drunken driving, for example.

Definitely for Miami and LeBron. If there’s ever been a victim of more manufactured outrage I don’t know who it could be. I don’t understand the LBJ hate at all. The fans don’t own him and he doesn’t owe anyone anything. He did everything he could to win in Cleveland.

The people ranting against him would’ve probably done the same thing he did.

If you want to root against him for that, that’s fine. But not everyone sees bragging as grounds for immediate hatred, and if you do, then that’s a pretty long list of sports players you hate.

I hated Lebron ever since his high school hype. The jack of all asses was driving around in a Hummer that his Mom did not pay for. Every time I see his ugly face, I want to punch him in the mouth.

Did he not live up to it or something?


I’m pretty much over that. The schadenfreude from last year was enough for me. LeBron’s a jerk, no doubt, but not even close to Jordan in assholery. On the court, he’s just too good, and with Wade and the rest of the team deserve rings.

He was sitting in front of a bunch of Heat fans at a pep rally, and the question posed to him was “You guys came down here to win championshipS, right? Not just one?”

And he said not one, not two, not three, etc. And then he said I really believe we can win multiple championships if we take care of business. Talk to me like I’m from another planet. Is that not how to answer that in that atmosphere?