How are you supposed to wear tube socks?

Like these? No show socks.

This. I can make better socks at home than anything you can buy at the store. The ones in the store were probably made on the other side of the country months ago and then frozen as it was shipped out to your local sockery and then probably microwaved before being sold to you. Why would you want that when you can make fresh woven socks and wear them right out of the loom?

Exactly! I have a brand of these at home marked “left” and “right”. I wear as directed, but have no idea why.

Maybe it’s to remind you not to put two on the same foot.

Mine are all crusty! WTF??

Strange to relate, ankle socks actually cover the ankles. Which is why they’re called ankle socks.

My tube socks say “TGIF” on them.

Toes go in first.

Now the big question: When wearing tube socks and baggy sweat pants, should I tuck the pant legs into the tube socks?

Or anklets. (I always found them hella uncomfortable)

Are cowboy boots involved?
btw, the boots need to be made at home from the freshly tanned hides of bulls you slaughtered yourself.

If you left-right people are serious, it’s because a lot of nice running socks are actually woven to fit one foot or another. Because obviously your feet have sides (shorter on the outside, etc.)

Hey I like tube socks! >:(

Don’t be ridiculous. I’m a Texan. Of course I wear cowboy boots with my sweat pants.

:confused: Isn’t this how everybody does it? Though, I’ll admit, sometimes we use hides from feral emus and snow monkeys.

Thank you. I was truly perplexed. I put a pair on wrong tonight and it doesn’t feel any difference. Then again I never can feel the pea, either.

ETA: I thought maybe they were marked so they would stretch over time to fit better. :frowning:

Snow monkeys are delicious.

And masterbation

Someone beat me to it.

Errr, I think you mean he beat himself to it.

So are tube steaks.

Especially after they’ve been soaking in the hot springs for awhile. Makes the meat fall-off-the-bone tender.