How bad is the Trans Pacific Partnership for the Internet?

So the Trans Pacific Partnership has been discussed before, but apparently, its text is public.

Among other things, I have seen the following claims:
[li]Article 18, Section J “requires ISPs to take down sites without court order.”[/li][li]Article 18.63 internationalizes the most restrictive aspects of American copyright law WITHOUT fair use exceptions.[/li][li]Article 18.68 makes it “illegal to unlock, modify, or tinker with a device you own.”[/li][li]Article 9, ISDS, “gives companies the right to sue governments for not protecting their intellectual property.”[/li][/ul]

So how bad is it, really? I’ve heard dire warnings about it in the past, but now it appears that specifics can actually be discussed.

… And it just occurred to me that although it’s easily Google-able, it’s probably polite to post a link to said text.

Here we go.