How badly will Saddam's life be threatened by the impending war? Should it be?

Maybe this is a GQ and I’m ignorant of military history/policy. Assuming that this war is fought like a ‘convential’ war (like Desert Storm) with no use of WMDs. I’m kind of expecting us to go over there, blow the military infrastructure to hell and back, and leave, without going explicitly after Saddam himself.

So, I ask, will killing/capturing Saddam a primary goal of the war (we don’t leave till he’s gone), and what chance does it have of happening?

Damn. Meant to add, "and should a capture/kill be a primary goal?

I’d say that capture is the most likely goal, leading to a war-crimes trial. Most likely, he’ll either hide in a bunker, or flee to a friendly govenment for protection if things get really bad.

But then again, a war-crimes trial could bring up too much controversy. Saddam could say, “Well, yeah, I had weapons, but America sold them to me years ago, and Regan fought against sanctions against me when I used them back in the Eighties.” We’d rather such things were quietly forgotten.

I personally, think if he really sees imminent defeat, he would flee.