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I am in the market for a new car. I was planning on doing my bit for the environment and buying a 3rd gen Prius. Now, with American carmakers suffering and Americans losing jobs I wonder if I should buy an Americancar instead. Is there a car out there with a break even point. What car would most help the US economy while doing minimal damage to the environment? Please help Cecil, and do not suggest the bus, work takes me far from established bus/ el routes.

If you buy a car made by Toyota you will also be helping the U. S. economy, as that company has many plants here.

They will start building the Prius in the US in 2010. Toyota makes many cars in the US; for example all Corollas are made at NUMMI. Some American manufacturers build their cars in Mexico. It’s not an easy dichotomy between “domestic” and “foreign” anymore. I guess you choice should be, do you want a good car?

If you have deep pockets a Tesla might suit.