how best to tilt a CV for a job managing a charity shop?

It says in the advert “full training provided” so I’m not too depressed by my lack of retail experience. I have a lot more experience of dealing with the public in clothes depots, etc, and of trying good-humouredly to beat off children trying to steal from a church bookstall. Should I go on and on about my passion for defeating cancer, or what? (it being a Cancer Research shop, I mean)

I just wondered if there was anything really obvious that I’m missing out on. I’ve listed all my formal qualifications and my degree, and explained how I come to find myself in need of a job, and justified blank spaces in my CV as best as I can. But is it a good idea for me to just have section of the CV explaining these blank spaces? Should I ignore them instead?

The shop is in a fairly rowdy part of town.

As an ex-charity shop manager

Well,you’ve dealt with the public(so you have customer service skills)helped at a church bookstall(retail work,cash handling).You’ve dealt with clothes so you have a half-decent fashion sense I hope.

We’d expect you to get on with people and be able to deal with a team of volunteers,most of whom have been there for so long they’re now part of the furniture…

And fending off unwanted visitors,it’d be helpful if you could at least defend the old grannies in the store…

Mind you,when I was covering for our manager,I burnt the store down :smack:

Tilt a CV? Does that mean to lie on a résumé?

Thank you lemon.

I don’t really mean “lie on a resume”. It’s just that in the past I have written CVs by telling them my entire life story, every single thing I’ve ever done, and they always say “this is a very impressive CV…” then don’t give me the job. So I’m learning, slowly, that I don’t go on and on and on about awards won in areas completely unrelated to the job. Particularly if it makes me look like I’m likely to go off and take up an old career route after five minutes.

Lemon martini’s advice was very helpful… any more for any more?

Any fundraising or grant wriing would likely be of particular interest to them.

Likewise, some marketing or related skills like writing press releases, event planning and the like. If by “managing a charity shop” you mean being the senior staff person of either a national organization or a local chapter, public speaking is a must. And EVERYPLACE needs people who are good at MS Office software. Budget planning is good.