How big around is an Apple watch magnetic charger?

A family member has requested an Apple watch charging station, and I’m in the middle of building one. I need to know how big around the magnetic charging head is, so I can fit it correctly. If someone has one handy, and can hold it against a tape measure, I’d appreciate it.


… building a charging station?

:confused:That was my reaction, too.

I assume OP is aware of the somewhat advanced technology behind modern wireless charging. It’s not J. Random Inductive Coil. Depending on the generation of Apple Watch, it may even be locked in to “interoperability certification” (i.e., did the charger manufacturer pay proper tribute to Apple).

I assume he’s building a cute stand to embed the included charger unit.

Sort of correct. My family member is looking for a way to manage cords/chargers on a bedstand, preferable that can handle both an Apple watch and a phone. Something like this, but hand made.

Install the store bought magnetic watch charger, attach a charging cord for the phone.

Made out of rhodium?