How BIG is your...

…monitor. Mine is nineteen inches. :smiley:

19" :smiley: but i’m getting a bigger one :smiley: :smiley: and it’s gonna be flat screen :stuck_out_tongue:

hehehehehee… mine’s 21". Showed up with the dual 500 Mhz Pentium they sent me a few months ago.

Did Freud ever make reference to monitor envy?

Mines a measly 17"

It’s not the size of the monitor that matters, it’s the quality of the picture it produces.

Dual 15"'s baby!!

how you like them apples?

Mine is 15" but then I can find things on the screen.

Well, I’ve got a few. Which one were you interested in?


My home monitor is 19" I believe.

Too small, and too old!

I have a 19" (How many people replied here just to say that? :D), balanced by a 15" on each side.

That’s 49 inches.

I win. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh…, what the heck.

Three 21".

19", 15", and 17". Yes, a woman likes variety.

24" flat-screen… just kidding.

Just a measly 17" monitor… but it’s been reliable for the past six years!

I have a 17". Funny, they use the inches in Europe too for monitors. And whereas I thought that 17" was pretty darn big, I seem to have been wrong. Lots of 19" people here!

I’m not drawing any parallels here, but I sure hope the rest of my ideas of ahem other peoples sizes aren’t as warped as the monitor one was :wink:

SPOOFE’s comment made me think…; of all the computer hardware I’ve owned over the years I know I’ve had more monitors go toast than anything else. I couldn’t easily tell you how many I’ve been through.