How can human skin become grafted to upholstery fabric? Warning sad, TMIish story

Per this horiffic story - Can this really happen where the fabric and flesh become entwined?

600-Pound Woman Dies After Being Surgically Removed From Couch

good heavens that is quite a story.

i would think that bedsores would be involved.

how on earth does someone stay on a couch for 2-5 years?? wouldn’t someone have to bring food and beverages? wouldn’t the food and beverages have to have some way of being eliminated?

i would like to see what the investigation finds out.

Exactly what I was wondering.

If she couldn’t get off the couch, how was she being fed? If they don’t know if it was just a sad story or neglect…

How did the medical people find her? Did she call them?

How did she urinate and deficate?

The story mentions family being questioned, so apparently they brought her food, but the story also mentions the stench, so possibly waste elimination was not so tidy.