How can I access or read the metadata that embeds itself in a MS word document I create?

I was reading the article below about how the police caught the BTK killer and the following information about the metadata embedded in the file intrigued me.

Bind, Torture, Kill: The BTK Investigation

If I create a MS word document on my PC how can I access this “metadata” to see what it says?

Do you write .docx files? If so, they’re pretty much a zipped folder of the document and a host of .xml files. You can open those in a text browser. You can even change some of the data in there (“some,” because all I’ve ever had to change was comment and change attribution to our corporate rather than freelancer names).

Which version of Word? In Word 2010, it’s File -> Info, and in Word 2003 (from memory) I think it’s File -> Properties

And in, I think it’s Word 2007, click on the big Windows/Word logo in the upper left corner, then “Prepare”; you can check for, or edit, metadata and properties.