Is there a way to tell the origininating computer of a word doc?

I seem to remember that there is a way to see on which computer a document was created and when. Anyone care to share? I looked and can’t find it.


Open your Documents folder, right click on the Word doc, select Properties, select Details tab.

Alternately, from within Word, the File/Properties/Summary tab shows some information, much of it specific to the document, and that the user would have to fill in. But at least two fields are filled in automatically for all documents: Name and Company. You’re prompted to fill them in when you install Office (IIRC). You can change the former – but not the latter, apparently, under Tools/Options/User Information. If you don’t enter anything in the Name field, it defaults to the user name of the person logged in to that session, I think.

(FYI, the user names of people changing the document show up when the Track Changes features are used.)

I hope this is what you’re looking for, but if you want anything more arcane than that, I got nothing.

Here’s the arcane stuff:

There’s a difference of opinion as to whether the fellow who wrote the Melissa virus was caught because of this.

That’s exactly how they caught the BTK killer, by checking the Properties tag on the doc he sent them on a floppy disk.

But unless you’re speaking about the Unique Identifier code that AmbushBug links to (and I was under the impression that that “feature” had been discontinued after the public outcry–the link is nine years old, after all), the standard Word properties data does not give you anything specific and unique about the actual computer. Furthermore it can be easily spoofed. So the BTK killer was apparently not a major computer whiz.

In fact, he asked the police, “If I send out floppies, can they be traced?” And of course, they told him “no.” Kind of sounds like a guy who was almost literally asking to be caught.