How can I avoid the Radio Shack replacement battery rip-off?

I have a boatload of electronic devices. I like to keep them running. Eventually the batteries die. I replace them one at a time and usually go to Radio Shack to find the replacement. They charge upwards of $5.00 for a battery which is somewhere between 10% and 100% of the cost of the original item that came with the batteries included.

Obviously, they are charging $5 for something that has to have cost them about 30 cents. I don’t mind paying a markup but they are ridiculous.

Is there a convenient source for batteries that is not a rip-off?

Depends what type you’re talking about.

Coin style can be found far cheaper at a dollar store. Alternately, you can pull apart many types of regular batteries to remove the coin batteries within. (Here’s an example link).

If it’s any other style of battery… can’t think of anything.


you dont say what type of batteries - I take it not the standard C, AA, AAA types but lithium button types? what type of equipment?

Button type batteries for watches, cyclocomputers, etc.

I saw A23 batteries for $7 per 2 at Radio Shack, and ~$1 at Target. Most places with electronics departments are cheaper. Buying them online and paying shipping is probably cheaper.

With Radio Shack, you’re paying for the idea that they have a metric buttload of different models in stock. Not that it’s as true as it used to be though. With the internet now, unless you need it NOW, you’ll always find it cheaper and easier online (though shipping can kill you here)

Though, please get them at RS, as my stock (a measly 12 shares that would cost too much effort to sell) could use the boost.

And if you have a “boatload” of devices, ordering them in bulk rather than buying one at a time will save you even more.

I’ve had good succes finding different battery types (cheaply) at Walgreens.


Try the discount code “Sheep” and you might get 10% off.

He offers you 10% off if you tell him what battery was for, then sends code.
By then it is too late to use on the prior order, and I always forget what it was by the time of my next order, so he owes me a few 10%'s.

I have ordered button batteries of various sorts from him in quantities and he has good prices and ships pretty fast.

My 12 shares of Lowes could use some help as well.

I lover a vendor with a sense of humor. :slight_smile: