How can I back up my MSIE favorites?

I’m formatting and I would rather not lose my “favorites.” Is there a way I can back these up as a text file or maybe an HTML file? Thanks.

All your favorites should be in Windows/Favorites. You can save that directory to a floppy (I have ~40 sites bookmarked and my Favorites directory is only 13K) and then when you want, you can simply copy that directory back to Windows/Favorites.

Just back up the C:/windows/favorites folder. When you are done with the clean install, just click and drag the whole folder into C:/windows.

Start IE, go to File > Import and Export, then select Export Favorites. If you then choose Export to File or Address, you can save them to an HTML file of your choosing (e.g., c:\faves.htm).

After the re-install, start IE and go File > Import and Export again to bring these favorites back.

I should also add that your Favorites is not always under the Windows folder. For example, in the Win2000 machine I’m on now, it’s in c:\Documents_and_Settings\MyUserID\Favorites. But once you’ve found it, copying the entire folder will work, too.