How can I be a delegate to the 2008 Democratic Convention?

Yes, I am a Democrat, although Ohio does not have your party on your voter registration. I want to go to a Democratic convention as either a delegate or an alternate. I know I have to pay my own way. How can I become a delegate? Ohio is a primary state.

Start by contacting your local party committee and start working your butt off for them. After the election, stay involved. Help out in every way you can. Keep this up and it’s possible that they’ll consider you for 2008. However, more likely, someone who started doing this several years ago will get the nod. Still, if you keep working hard, you stand a chance of being choseh at some point.

I have nothing major to add…I have never attended a national convention only a Texas state party convention. As it was said, it usually does come down to working as a volunteer enough to earn a place on the list.

Some local commitees in both major parties have a system where they try to appoint delgates in a “balanced” fashion (half go to women, an array of young and old, and minorities according to their percentage of the local population, etc.). Others do it almost entirely on the basis of seniority or clout within the local delegation. Some rotate to give different folks a chance to go. In any way, you need some ‘activist’ credentials, and right now is certainly the time to get started!