How do I get to the Republican National Convention?

I really want to go but I dont know how. I have a gut instinct that posting this now will do me nothing because tickets are already gone…

Is it too late? How do you get invited? I’m president of the college republicans at a very large state university… does that help?

Do you mean you want to be a delegate? Convention delegates are selected by the Republican central committee of each state. In Illinois, there are 60 Congressional district delegates, which are elected in the primary, and 13 at large delegates, which are elected at the state convention. If you haven’t already been involved in the selection process, you aren’t going to become a delegate at this late date.

State-by-State Summary of Delegate Selection Process for the Republican National Convention (PDF)

Practice, son, practice.

Go to Boston and then turn right.

There are always lots of hangers-on at a convention, and far more than just the delegates get a floor pass.

Even if you don’t get into the convention hall, you might want to go to New York to attend the various parties and hospitality suites. This would be a great experience for you.

To get credentialed, the best place to start would be to contact the Republican National Committee representative for your state. Forget working throught the College Republicans on this - you’ll be a small fish there.

Drop me a line at my email address if you need further help.

BTW, I’ve never been to a national convention. But I have been a delegate to a state Republican convention, which was tons of fun.

Take the A train.

I congradulate you! That was a fandamtastic line :smiley: