How can I best utilize my space?

A while ago I stumbled across an application that would analyze the sizes of the files you were trying to record to some media (I believe it was cd but I’d hope there would be a DVD counterpart) and would decide which files to burn to best utilize the space available in order not to waste much space on each disk.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the name of this program is… does anyone know of a program that will do such a thing? I’ve been unable to find one in my numerous google searches and such a tool would be enormously useful to me.

Thanks in advance.

bump incase someone didn’t see this as I posted it really late last night and i’m hoping that’s why I didn’t get any responses yet…

Here’s one freeware program, I’m not sure it’s THE one you were looking for though.

Winzip used to have an option to zip files into batches of specified size, which was useful for bridging a large archive across several floppies. I think it also has a feature that shows you how big a set of files will be when zipped… you could use this to make batches of 650MB / 720MB archives one at a time. It would still be pretty slow, though.

Thanks for this, will definately take a look, although the name doesn’t appear to ring any bells but the function of what I need to do does appear to be the same.

Actually, I’m not really looking to zip or rar stuff as it would be extremely time consuming, at best. I’m more looking just to maximize the available space to the fullest using the file/folders that I already have organized.

Thanks for the response though, much appreciated!

On second look, Burn to the Brim, doesn’t quite do what I’m looking for either. I’m looking for something that does this:

-drag drop a folder or folders onto a program, the program will then determine what folders should go with what folders in order to utilize the space best.

According to the specs/FAQ (I don’t use the program), Burn to the Brim will do what you want if you label each folder as a “group” (The example given is: several artists’ works sorted into folders and you want to keep each artist’s works on the same CD)