How can I create a grammar-sorted dictionary without manually sorting every word?

Sort of a programming question.

Are there any I could download? What I want is words sorted by nouns, verbs etc…

What do you have so far?
Do you already have that dictionary/word list?

There are numerous prepared corpora (large collections of text) where each word has a part of speech assigned. Compiling lists from those is easy, but usually you can’t do so without obtaining a license. If you are lucky, you can find a free list, but I can’t think of one now, especially not in English.

There are also programs that assign to words in texts. Those are called POS-taggers. As I see it you only want to know the possible POS for a word and not the correct one in a specific context. If you run those programs on any text (or word list), you will get at least one possible part of speech for each word. Doing that on multiple texts you can collect valid combinations. Again check the license terms. Some programs are available for educational purposes but restrict what you can do with the results.

You will also have to choose which categories you want to use. A common scheme for English is the Penn Treebank tag-set

Sounds interesting, whats a “part of speech” though?

Oh, sorry, for me it is hard to judge how common a term is in English. It is a category of words like noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, pronoun, conjunction and interjection. Those are the traditional eight often taught in schools, but you can also make finer distinctions (e.g. the one linked above.)
This page explains those traditional POS:

Forgive me, i’m coming at this from a computing perspective, not a linguistic one.

Of course I realise that a word can have multiple POS’s depending on context.

I suppose a computer program (A POS tagger?) that would do that, would neither be simple to write, or free software? It would be nice to have a look at some algorithms…

Hey thanks anyway, its got my mind moving in the right direction. :slight_smile: