How can I draw this array thing in Photoshop?

I want to make a diagram where I have 12 planes that arrayed in a perfect distance, or to make a even larger diagram with 100 human silhouettes (for example ,this is how many people died in xyz war and then a 100 human silhouettes).

What’s the easiest way to do this?

illustrator (mine is cs4)

create new document … making sure dimension is large enough to retain all 100 increments.

create your single ‘image/plane/silhouette’ … copy/paste where you wish for end image/plane/silhouette to reside … object-blend: config, make, expand … ungroup … down-arrow the layer-palette/release-to-layers … assign 1% less transparency for each. you now have your 100 images/silhouettes with receding lesser transparency.

[li]1%transp *100incr =100.[/li][li]make certain you thought of everything before performing the ‘blend’.[/li][li]the ‘blend’ contains all increments in an ‘envelope’ … expand releases that one envelope into separate units.[/li][li]probably experiment with single-box/plane first.[/li][/ul]

Yeah, not a Photoshop kind of task. Maybe you could, but Illustrator would be so much easier. If you don’t have Illustrator already, then get Inkscape - it’s free and will do a great job.

This. I wouldn’t dream of doing this with anything but Illustrator.

Inkscape is definitely worthwhile, at the very least because if you don’t already have Illustrator then it would be a prohibitive expense for one project. (Plus Inkscape is good in its own right, and free.)