How can I find out the company behind a charge on my credit card?

My CC was recently stolen and used at several places around town. I’m going to all the businesses to see if they can hold any security camera footage for the police report. But there is one charge that I can’t figure out where it’s from.

The obvious answer is to call the CC company, but even they don’t know. It turns out that VISA deals with a merchant bank or something. Even VISA doesn’t know any more that what it says on the statement. I guess the info about the actual company is kept in the merchant account and VISA doesn’t have access to that info.

So does anyone know how to find out the company which created the charge? The charge on my statement is called “CITGO 2801 TEXANMAR”. Is there some database somewhere which would link that info to a definitive company?

Er… maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t that be a Citgo? If you can’t find the specific one based on the info you have, why not call the Citgo Home Ship and see if they can pin it down.

Usually, Visa should have at least an 800 number for the merchant. That’d be the place to start, but yeah, it looks like a Citgo.

(I used to work with a small software company and we got calls about who we were quite a lot, mostly from legitimate sales that didn’t recognize the company name, only the name of the product they bought.)

OK let’s see…Someone stole your credit card and used it.

So the credit card company wrote off all those charges and you now owe nothing? Is this not correct?

If it is correct than that is a problem between your credit card company and the thief. If the credit card company wrote of the charges, you are not even involved anymore.

I had my wallet stolen and in a matter of less than 30 minutes they charged almost $1,000. And a week later they had tacked on an additonal $1,000. How they managed to charge after I reported the card stolen after a half hour is a bit odd. But I guess merchants didn’t process the charges straight off.

They charged tickets to a movie theatre, they charged groceries. All these places have cameras. But as the cop at the Chicago Police said, “It’s not your problem. The theft is between the credit card company and the thief.”

I can see a credit card company not giving you any info, 'cause as long as they reversed the charges you’re not involved in the fraud

Are trying to go “Kick-Ass” on the person that stole your credit card? As Markxxx said, your not out any money.

And Citgo is a gas station.

Citgo store #2801, probably goes by the business name of Texan Mart or some variation.

But what the others said is good advice. Let them worry about it. That is a customer service feature of using their card instead of carrying wads of cash around. It gets stolen you have peace of mind.

AUSTIN, TX 78744

Here is one of those stores. Texan Mart seems to be a convenience store chain in Austin.

Not that it matters :slight_smile:

I was just about to post that, but I found several under “Texan Market.” I’m not sure which (if not both) is the proper name.

Look at the billing statement online and click on the entry. In the expanded info there should be a vendor telephone # associated with the charge.

Maybe they want to know if it was their kid or girlfriend or someone they know.

Why I’m looking into it – The cops are too busy to do the footwork themselves. If I can’t deliver them a license plate or name of the person who stole my cards, they won’t do anything about it.

I’ve tried calling Citgo and various gas stations in town that have possible matching names. The problem I’m having is that no station knows how their store shows up on the CC statement. In addition, Citgo just delivers the gas. It’s not like every station which sells Citgo is a corporate owned store. I’ve called over a dozen gas stations and none of them recognize that name, although none knew what their own station showed up as.

The problem I have is that “Joe’s Gas Station” can call itself whatever it wants with the merchant bank which handles the charges. He can call him self “FUBAR22” on the CC statement. I would think there must be a way to link up the CC statement name with the actual company.

But as others have suggested, why do you care at this stage? Can’t you get the charges reversed regardless?

In my case I had something like this happen and suspected it was a friend of a friend. There was video of the individual, but it was always at high angles from behind, wearing a baseball cap, making it pretty much impossible for a solid ID.

Of course I can get the charges reversed. That’s already been taken care of.

I care because the guy is a criminal and I want him off the street. If I do nothing, this guy will do it again. This wasn’t a crime of opportunity. He broke into my locker and took the cards out of my wallet. He knew what he was doing and will do it again.

Do you have a crime fighting lair?

I don’t understand why everyone is so perplexed that the OP might actually want the thief caught. If some asshole steals my wallet, of course i’m happy if i get everything back without any loss to me, but i’d still like to see him arrested and charged.

Once more for emphasis:

The OP appears to be going far beyond that sentiment and actively pursuing the culprit. The OP appears to have expressed that, apart from wanting the thief caught, they want to do the catching.

Does that help address your understanding?

My experience with petty theft of this sort is unless the police catch the guy in the act nothing else will be done to track down the thief.

The OP has also told us that:

It seems to me that, if the cops were willing to do the job, the OP would be happy to leave it to them.

I don’t know why so many people have to go and derail the thread. This is General Questions and it’s for factual responses. There’s plenty of other forums where snarky reponses are encouraged. If you don’t know how to find out the company behind the charge, don’t post anything.

I have no desire to catch the guy myself. The fact of the matter is, unless I can deliver some definitive proof of who he is, the police won’t do anything about it. They’re too overworked to look at grainy video footage to try to figure his identity. My best bet is to find this gas station and hope their cameras caught his license. Once I have that, I can give it to the police and they’ll get the guy. Without that, nothing will happen and this guy will continue to break into lockers stealing credit cards.