How can I get Safari to stop telling me how wonderful it is?

Frequently in the course of web surfing I will go to put in a URL but am temporarily blocked from doing so by Safari sending a popup message saying “Safari is using an encrypted connection to (or for your security” (not an exact quote). I have to pat Safari on its fuzzy head by clicking on OK to remove the popup box, in order to go about my business. This happens multiple times a day.

I understand that the Apple Overlords are trying to protect me from fraudulent websites, which is all well and good, but I am tired of their self-congratulory messages about how they’re protecting me.

Is there a way to stop these dumbass messages, preferably without disabling the security feature itself?

I have honestly never seen this behavior, and I use Safari as my main browser.
What OS / Safari version are you using?

WAG. It probably only does that if you attempt to go to a site that does NOT support HTTPS (The straightdope does). I get similar notifications on Windows with Chrome using the HTTPS Everywhere extension.

Since you say it happens when you go to put in a URL, you’re probably bringing this on yourself by clicking on the lock icon in the URL address bar which brings up the window you’re talking about. So either click somewhere else in the address bar or use the keyboard shortcut “Command-L” to ready the address bar for text entry.

I had no idea about that feature.

I’ve never had that happen and I only use Safari for work and personal.


You’re 100% correct, as soon as I clicked on the lock symbol that same message popped up.

To paraphrase Henny Youngman’s Doctor’s joke:
Jackmannii: It drives me nuts when I click on the lock icon and I get a safari message.
Zbuzz: Well then, don’t click on the lock icon.