how can i get stains out of the tub?

I am feeling pretty anxious right now. A friend stayed in my apartment to house sit, and while here, she dyed her hair and managed to get dark permanent dye all over my tub. She didn’t bother to clean it up til a week later by dumping straight bleach in the tub and leaving it like that. Now my tub has red splotches and yellowish staining where the bleach pooled and then trickled into the drain…

Is there any way at all to fix this up?

I’m not sure if this’ll work–I dye my hair in a beauty salon–but try a spackling knife, a smallish one, and see if scraping will work. Otherwise just Bon Ami or Comet with bleach, and elbow grease.

The yellowish stain may be from the bleach interacting with minerals and soap scum.
I’d go with a two step approach.
First fill the tub with HOT water. Add several cups of bleach, and let its soak for a few hours. That should get rid of the red.

Drain the tub, rinse, and scrub with a citric acid based tub and tile cleaner; Lysol makes one, I’m sure there are others. I just buy crystalline citic acid at the local co-op, and use that. (I don’t trust the Hydroxyacetic, or sulfamic aid based cleaners, as they may be strong enough to etch the tub. Citric acid is quite good at solubilizing minerals)

I had bad stains on my tub. I used Soft Scrub with Bleach, applied all over any stained part, and let set for about 15 minutes. It cleared everything up.

If it isn’t too late, it would be a good idea to take a photograph to document the damage – esp. if you’re renting and will be docked for this, eventually, by your landlord. If the stains don’t come out, you might have to end up suing your friend in small claims court (I’m assuming she’ll never do the right thing and pay the costs of even an amortized tub replacement).

In any event, even if the stains do come out, I’d seriously reevaluate that so-called friendship.

…“I’m gonna wash that girl right out of my hair, and send her on her way…”

Part of me wonders how it came to be that a grown woman would make the choices my friend did. You don’t get this far along in life not knowing that hair dye stains and bleach is used diluted… I don’t know what to think, to be honest. Definitely, I don’t want to be out any (or much) money if I can avoid it.

I’m cleaning the tub again now… thanks to everyone who offered suggestions. I can let you know if it works if anyone really wants to know. :slight_smile:

a further note–

Denny, the cleaning person at my office, uses Polydent double-action overnight foaming tablets to clean the sinks, which have chemical stains in them (not hair dye but photographic chemicals). Of course it will take mroe than one of them in the tub–but then, if the stain is mostly on the bottom, you don’t need to put in all that much water.

This is assuming the other things didn’t work adequately.

I sure do!

If you can use an abrasive cleanser, they go get a can of Zud. Most supermarkets carry it, and it does a great job on tub stains.