How can I get the truth on a fake veteran?

Have you thought of trying waterboarding to get the truth out of this guy? I hear its an acceptable form of questioning these days and quite effective.

hell, my husband has his full military and medical records, at least 3 copies of his DD214, his disability paperwork, miscellaneous military paperwork out the wazoo including every pay stub, order, temporary order and about 35 black clicky navy issue pens … we have easily 2 full footlockers of crap from the military life, though not so much personally taken pictures. We also have his whatever certificates [blue noes, magellan, shellback] some arctic water, some equater water, a british prisoner-made beer mug from Holy Loch that somehow made it into his seabag, and a sign from San Juan that used to be mounted on the diesel that needed to be stashed somewhere for an inspection and never got taken back. But it is ok, they just stole a new one next time they were down there so the San Juan has it’s SJ sign=)

If you get unequivocal proof he’s a sham, how will you nail him?

In private? Before the entire group he’s been deceiving?

What will you do if you find he’s been telling the truth?

I worked with a first class tale teller. Whatever came up, he’d done it - sky diving, bunjee jumping, etc.

Just as we sat down to a game of chess, he told me he was a Grandmaster, or whatever. In almost no time, I had the genius in very deep doodoo, and just then the boss walked in so we dumped the game, pieces and all into the desk drawer.

Later on, he couldn’t recreate the position, as I think most Grandmaster could. And he never asked me to play a game ever again. BTW, I’m no great shakes as a chess player.

At a minimum I’ll see to it that he stops having his name added to the workplace Veteran’s Day email. And yeah, I’ll probably out him, the guy’s a prick. But if he’s telling the truth I’ll make that known as well, to the group of people that have voiced some suspicions. The Chao Goes Mu’s link eventually gets to a form letter that might get results under FoIA so I’ll be giving that a shot.

A lot of these “veterans” have interesting military careers. A real veteran will tell you something like “I was a rifle infantryman in the 10th Mountain.” A “veteran” will tell you “I was in a special forces Green Beret top gun Navy Seal Delta Force Marine Corps CIA covert nuclear ninja pirate cowboy black ops team. I could tell you more but it’s all classified so there are no records to confirm what I’m saying.”

Wouldn’t your employer know if he’s a vet or not? Seems to me that tax forms and the like that you fill out when you sign up with a new job ask you to check off if you’re a veteran, and I would imagine that it might affect your health benefits and the like as well.

I don’t know about that, but I remember last year the mail went out and he was not on it. He then apparently emailed the head honcho to let him know that he had been a “tank driver.” Then a second email went out with him added. So his being on that email wasn’t a result of him being added by HR. Just another strand in what I increasingly suspect is a web of total BS.

I don’t even remember that. It was 1965, for heaven’s sake.
They told me I’d never forget my service number, but, the laugh is on them, 'cause I did.

B93-08-06; boot camp company 434 SIR!

We don’t have service numbers. We have Laundry Marks. Basically our last initial and the last four of our Social Security number (you know, that number which is supposedly illegal to be used for identification? :smiley: ). For the longest time, I thought that number was used primarily to keep our uniforms sorted when laundry was done, but later found out that substantial portions of my life are now filed under the same thing I have written in faded sharpie on my underwear. (Oh yeah, 23 years old, and my underwear pretty much has my name on it now, thanks to Air Force BMT).

Oh, and I can proudly say that during BMT, I was a part of two different squadrons and four different flights (two flights in the 320th TRS (Can’t Stop The Rock), Medical Hold in the 319th TRS (Broken Tigers!), and the Get Fit Flight (Get Fit or Die!) in the 319th TRS.

Ha! When I was in they stenciled your entire SSN on your duffle bag with paint and when you graduated from Basic you traveled across the country with that in plain sight for all to see in every airport you went through. I’ve tried my best to efface it in the intervening years, and nothing seems to do the trick. The duffle bag is in my basement with the SSN facing the wall.
They also used to tell us to register our DD214s at our local hall of records. Mine’s there, for anybody in the whole world to come along and make use of my SSN if they desire.

Nice, we still get our social put on our dogtags, but those stay inside the shirt at least (Don’t let your dingleberry dangle in the dirt, pick up your dingleberry and put it in your shirt!)

I know someone (in some branch of the armed forces) with his SSN tattoo’d on hit torso (and I beleive his limbs as well), in case some one finds just his torso.

My grandfather-in-law (not in the armed forces as far as I know) has his social security number etched into most of his personal items that are likely to be loaned out, chairs, card tables, tools. At some point he decided that wasn’t a good idea and now he puts his DL number on everything.

Cause unidentified remains has been such a problem? What is he in the Rwandan Army?

And they have an annual parade in Modesto, CA.

Ask him if he wore socks.

Because real “veterans” know that the special forces Green Beret nuclear ninja pirate squad didn’t wear socks–made them more quiet when sneaking up on the Viet Cong in the jungle.

And they’re dead VC ‘calling card’? It was a tin star. They were black ops cowboys after all. . .

Also, that he was the real-life model for David Morrell’s “Rambo”.


Where do they find some of these “people on the street”? I’m sure the parade lineup footage was stock stuff, and the posted signs were done after the fact. . . but what does the Onion do? Does a camera crew just walk up to people and say, “Hey kid, act like a ninja just snuck a piece of candy into your pocket!”?

That’s just hilarious stuff right there. . .

’ . . . the stealthy footage of ‘84. . .’ :smiley:

For gods sake just give the cunt a slapping.

The sad thing about me is, I fucked that up royally. Two days into Basic I became my TI’s special project.

Yeah, that was fun.