How can I make a Clay Pipe such that a Hobbit would smoke?

Well I’ve made the Hobbit hole and a medieval long bow all with the help of the SDMB. Now I would like to try and make a clay pipe, a long clay pipe, like the hobbit’s smoked in LOTR. Can anyone advise on this? I’m not a smoker, but with the recent resurgence of ‘things movies make you do etc…etc…’ and a general longing for the EE of ROTK…I want to create some memorabilia on my own of LOTR… Any help would be wondrous.

I don’t know how to make one, but I remember buying long clay pipes as a kid at Williamsburg, VA. You probably could buy them somewhere.

I don’t know how to make them, but this site has a variety of clay pipes for sale for reasonable prices.


One more nugget; the reason for the long, long stems on clay tavern pipes was that each succeeding guest who used the pipe could break off the little section of the stem, where the previous customer had put his lips. After 10 or 20 customers broke off their pieces, the pipe was thrown away. This is from American colonial history, not Middle Earth history.

Thanks for all the help. I appreicate it. My summer is ending soon, and I like to take on a project that tends toward the unique…I may end up doing something else, but I certainly learned a thing or two… :slight_smile: