How should I smoke my pipe tobacco?

Alright, I’ve broken down and decided to try smoking pipe tobacco in a pipe so that my room and my truck can have that delicious old-man-pipe-tobacco smell whenever I want it. Now here’s my question: every damn pipe I’ve seen at the tobbacco store here seems to cost more than 100 dollars, some of them reaching 500. They also look square as hell.

Can I smoke pipe tobacco with a regular old glass “pipe,” or do I need to buy a fancy-ass wooden one?

Ummm…using a glass pipe might give a cop the idea he had justification to take his nightstick, & split yo haidbone like a melon.


Have you tried to buy a pipe online?


You could smoke it with tin foil if you wanted to. But, seriously, I would look around for a decent pipe that wont break the bank. Not sure where you are shopping, but go somewhere else. You should be able to get one for less than $30 that will be very nice. Just don’t get the $2 corn cob deal. Tobacco shops usually have plenty to choose from.

Different pipes smoke differently. Wooden pipes tend to give a warmer tone with hints of natural wood. Glass pipes seem a bit harsher to me. I have a pipe made out of a soft carvable stone that is nice.

Either way, be sure to try out the many pipe tobaccos out there.

Nothing would satisfy me more than to have a cop waste his time bothering me about my glass pipe, then learning that I was smoking legal tobacco.

After all, that IS what they were intended for!!!

Smoked a pipe for74 years until a DOUBLE BY-PASS LAID ME LOW IN "02.





DRAW LIGHT AND EASY------the bowl should never be too hot to handle.[an over heated bowl eventually will crack].

Let it cool down between uses—store in an upright position with a pipe-cleaner installed.

Find a tobacc thar’s not full of “flavor additives” which are mostly molasses.

Don’t "knock’ to empty it------use a bowl cleaning tool —or a large headed nail.


That’ all I recall!

It’s an old habit that is sorely missed,----and a good pipe still smells GGRReat


I never used the word “bothering” sonny…

If you can manage it, buy a meerschaum pipe. I’ve got two that I bought years ago for about $15 each. I tried wooden pipes, but they always seemed harsh - the smoke felt like it was still burning.

I did a quick google, and it looks like you can get meerschaum pipes from about $40 up. That’s a fair price, considering that I bought mine 15 years ago in a US Army Exchange in Germany that imported them directly from Turkey.

Meerschaum smokes so much nicer than anything else I tried.

Captain Black vanilla is a nice tobacco. I also used to buy an inexpensive brand, soak it in amaretto and dry it beofre smoking. Nice flavor. The absolute best, though, was Avalon. That’s an American light tobacco that’s been soaked in French red wine. It smells good, and tastes good. It’s even nice tasting if you manage to get some of the tobacco juice in your mouth.

Gawd, those were the days. Kicked back in the NCO Club with a glass of Amaretto and milk, my eagle claw meerschaum pipe filled with Avalon, and having a good time.

The MeerschaumIS a good smpke but there are a couple of things you should know.

The meerschaum should NOT be held in the bare fingers and hand.

There used to be leather bowl and stem covers available to prevent one’s skin oils from clouding the future browning of the material.

Over YEARS of usage[many] the material will turn into a grand brown tone which is a bragging point for pipe -people.

Also meerschaum is a very fragile material an should be handled with care to prevent damage.

One can put a crease in a meerscchaum bowl by merely dragging a finger nail across it.

But-it’s a good smoke-----but so is an Irish clay–and a really GOOD Corn-cob.




Yah. I ruined the first one because I didn’t know this. That was really sad, too, because the parts of it where I hadn’t touched it were turning a really odd shade of pink/brown. It’d been really cool. When I bought the eagle clawed one, I made a cover to fit the bowl. Some folks wear a leather glove on their smoking hand. I just sewed a sock that covered the whole bowl, and made it so I could unbutton it to show the pipe itself when I wasn’t smoking it.

Yeah, meerschaum is kind of fragile. I think it is worth it, though.

I gave up tobacco thirty years ago. I missed cigarettes for about 3 weeks, but I still miss pipe tobacco. I kept a bag of it for seven years, just to sniff it now and then. However, I want to live long and prosper, so I can’t smoke it.

It hurts me to tell you that the way to smoke your tobacco is mechanically, and at a distance. You cannot “not inhale,” especially in a smoke-filled truck cab, rebreathing your own smoke. Sorry. :frowning:

I second this. They don’t require breaking in like briar pipes do, don’t require a cake to form, and generally are a lot less hassle.

To be honest, this has always seemed a bit anal to me. Sure, if I have myself a fancy engraved hand-carved pipe that’s as much a sculpture as a smoking implement, I’ll take every care to make sure it’s not discolored. But the $20 meerschaum that I bought at the tobacconist’s down the street is for smoking tobacco, not for sitting on a shelf and looking pretty.

When I sent the E describing the way to use a tobacco pipe I mentioned the reason why I gave it up----heart conditon.

Possibly the result of those pipe years.

Therefore I wasn’t promoting pipe smoking as a pastime.

On the contrary ,as a victim I advise against it.

As Nixon used to say—“let me make that perfectly clear”


I’m not planning on doing much smoking. I don’t much care for the taste of tobacco, but I like the smell.

If you don’t like the taste of tobacco, then you’re really going to hate the taste of that liquid gunk that can run into your mouth if you’re not careful about the angle of the dangle, so to speak.

I smoked a pipe many years ago, but the fuss and mess put me off, along with the possibilities of mouth and esophogeal cancer.

Why not just use an incense burner or some such, if all you want is the smell?

That’s why you should smoke Avalon. Even the nasty juice is tolerable. :slight_smile:

I gotta say the military has gone to hell since I left 15 years ago.

Anybody other than a chick seen drinking Amaretto and milk at the club would have been laughed off his stool then bodily ejected. Real men of the gun-toting camo-faced variety don’t drink Amaretto and milk. If you were a DOD civilian or contractor then exceptions might be made, otherwise I gotta wonder about your unit …

Yes I’m kidding, but only about 98%.

Rambo [rising from seat at bar]: You better be…

That was 16 years ago in the AF. Nobody fucked with me because they were all convinced I was OSI. I wasn’t, and didn’t do anything to encourage the idea. I just did my thing, and the rumor grew around me.

What’s OSI?

Office of Special Investigations. The guys who go looking for the bad apples in the Air Force barrel.

I never had anything to do with 'em, but lots of guys on base thought I did. Apparently not getting drunk all the time and finding things to do off base in a foreign country make you suspicious. Added to that, I was in a very small organization on a small base that was home to several much larger organizations - nobody knew exactly what I did during the day 'cause I was off in my own little corner with just a few other folks. Most of the guys I worked with were older and married so they lived off base and didn’t talk much to the other folks my age. So you’ve got a quiet guy with a mysterious job (actually I was in base civil engineering) who drinks coca cola most of the time in the NCO club but who also gets seen in the roughest local bars - also just drinking coca cola. When I wasn’t in the club I’d be off wandering around on my own to look at this foreign country I’ve been stationed in. People just got suspicious and made up stories and eventually I was known as the OSI guy.

We actually did have an OSI office on base. I never saw any of them that I know of - it was just a small office.