How can i run Sim Life with windows XP?

When i try to install the game, my computer freezes. I checked the ReadMe, and since the game was made in 1992, all it says is that the game should not be run while in Windows because of memory conflicts. I tried to install the game using the XP command prompt, but it still doesent work. I know that newer operating systems have problems running older games, so is there any way i can play this old favorite of mine?

Since it’s that old, I’d assume that “install” is unpacking the various files to a directory, then running some batch file inside that…

You should be able to run this program from a DOS boot disk…

Most varieties available here.

Now, since it’s such an old game, and (presumably) you have a newer processor than that available in 1992, you may have trouble running it properly (right speed)

You can try to get someone who has an MUCH older computer to make you a DOS boot diskette. I believe the last version was 6.22. I might even have one around here someplace. You can email me, and if I can dig one up, it’s yours.

The problem with XP is it’s always in windows, even when you’re at a command prompt, which may be causing the problems with your older DOS game. is dead.

Actually, give VDMSound a shot. Sorry, I can’t find a link, but it works as a Soundblaster and some other things emulator. Between that and changing your settings, it might work. To change your settings, right-click on the executable file, select properties, select the compatability tab. Force it to work in Windows 95 compatability mode, and check the boxes to force it to run in 256 colors, 640x480 size, and turn off the visual theme and advanced input settings.

If that doesn’t work, I’d try a Google search.

Whoops, sorry, didn’t quite read it properly. However, I would still give VDMSound a shot. Instead, right-click on the install file after installing VDMSound and select “run with VDMS”. With a little luck this’ll work properly as an emulator inside WinXP.