How can I see the film Nyoka?

When I was a child in the North of England in the 1940’s / early 1950’s we went to the cinema on Saturday afternoons to see a children’s “Matinee”. The films were mostly American and always included cartoons and a serial.

One of these was called Nyoka and featured a woman as the central, heroic character. I remember she wore a scout shirt and shorts and had dark hair; she also had a boyfriend called Larry, who had a shooting brake. Their advcentures seemed to take place in Africa or Arabia.

I would love to have this on video or DVD. I can still visualiuse the titling. I found it frightening at the time but it is probably amusing in retrospect.

I found it at under the re-release title of “Perils of Nyoka”, though it seems to initially have been released as “Nyoka and the Tigermen”. Haven’t yet determined if it’s available for purchase. You might want to check some online outlets of old ‘B’ movies, if there is such a thing, to see if you can order it from them.

It does indeed appear to be available on VHS at

Larry was Clayton Moore,later the Lone Ranger.

Google Republic movies on VHS,you should come up with a ton of hits for old serials,surely others you saw in that time period.

IIRC,a lot of the old Republic stock came out in the 90s on VHS