How can I tell how old this trombone is?

My son has his new-used trombone, and is wondering how to figure out how old it is. I think it can be done by the identification number, but I’m not sure how. Maybe someone here can fill me in.

Vital stats:
Holton F-Trigger Slide Trombone
Serial #: TR160623345

It’s a beaut!

Thanks for any help,

Yes, it’s a beaut. You have a modified Holton TR-160, manufactured by G. LeBlanc, Inc. I can’t find a serial number index that goes up later than 1980, but they seem to sell about 5000 a year, so I’d guess – 1993?

LeBlanc appears to be a distributor of Holton trombones. Give them a call.

Failing that, of course, cut it open and count the rings.

Serial Number & manufacturer is usually all you need. You can probably contact the manufacturere to get the answer, though a repair shop will probably be able to find it for you.

In this case, it helps to know that Holton is owned by LeBlanc. The serial number is just the last 6 digits, TR160 is the model number. I’d think it comes from the early to mid 1980s, but don’t know for sure.

That should be 1990s; I’m in agreement with Nametag’s estimate.