How can people jog with headphones?

When I started jogging, I had the grand idea to buy a portable armband radio to listen to. It seemed like no big deal, just a little expense. Well, I could not stand jogging with it. I felt like I had no situational awareness without being able to hear, and that I’d never know if a dog or a car or anything was behind me until it was too late.

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but how do other people deal with this?

(And don’t even get me started on how people can jog with stuff attached to their waistband bouncing up and down…)

It’s never bothered me a bit. I have a Koss headset that I use, and true, I can’t hear cars or dogs until it’s too late, but so what. If a dog comes running at me to bite me, eventually, he’s gonna win anyway. Same with a car. Of course, I run at 4 in the morning, so there’s not a whole lot of dogs or traffic at that time anyway.

maybe on a treadmill, but in the park or on the street, nah. You’d have to be pretty willing to just believe that nothing is coming, or you don’t need to hear anything else.
For me, it’s more about clutter. I can’t even run with a camelback or little fanny back, I don’t even like having keys in my hand.

you’ll get used to having the radio, or running without any music if you just stick with either one.

Well, you could look around a little more, after all, Deaf people jog too, quite safely.