How can to much shredded wheat be bad for you?

My friend told me other day that to much shredded wheat would be bad for you because the excess fiber would start to rip up your stomach. Is this true? And even so, wouldn’t it end up taking 2 boxes a day for a week for something bad to happen?

It doesn’t “rip up your stomach” as such, but unfortunately it is possible to get an intestinal blockage from eating too much fiber. These websites have guidelines for how much fiber a person should be eating.

You can do a Google search for “intestinal blockage fiber” and find out more than you ever wanted to know about plugged-up intestinal tracts.

too much fibre basically means you aint gonna get enough nutrients cos everything gets forced through too quick.

Eat too much of it, and your legs go numb and fall off from sitting on the toilet… :slight_smile:


Good to know. I’ve been on a Shredded Wheat jag lately. No intestinal problems yet!

Oh goodie I’ll be the first one to hijack this thread :slight_smile:

So you know how people use the laxatives to lose weight. Could you do this with shredded wheat?

Yeah I know that is really bad for you. Just want to know though. I love wheat thins and shredded wheat.

it’s best to eat fibre foods before a main meal, not after. eg have an apple/orange before a meal. this because it clears you digestive system nicely, but if you just eaten it clears the food you just ate too!

From ‘Doctor Tobacco’ by Fry and Laurie

Actually, shredded wheat is a mediocre source of fiber. Strawberries are actually better. My favorite: Fiber One! Either that or Colon Blow.

Here’s a list of fiber content. fiber content of foods

BTW, as an intern, I got to assist in the surgery of a guy who ate so much sauerkraut it caused a small bowel obstruction. When that section of the bowel was opened, I could whiff it thru the mask! I’ve been unable to eat sauerkraut since.


I foolishly ate a copious amount of Shredded Wheat last week. I’ve been clogged up for days. Too much fiber all at once when you’re used to a very little is not a good idea. If you’re going to start eating this, I would recommend doing so very slowly and with small portions, and drink plenty of liquids.

Even Zombies should increase their fiber intake gradually and make sure they’re drinking lots of extra water. People often forget the extra water part, but fiber sucks up water, and if you’re not drinking extra, you basically end up with gobs of glue in you.

Your anecdotes never fail to tickle my funny bone.

in the years since you posted this have you been able to eat it again?

I just paged Dr. Qadgop to come answer this question. Hopefully he will respond STAT. :smiley:

I can eat the red cabbage variety, as that wasn’t what was in the intestine.

I am reminded of this brief verse about the Russian famine:
On Nevsky bridge a Russian stood
Chewing his beard for lack of food.
Said he, “It’s tough this stuff to eat,
But it’s a darn sight better than Shredded Wheat!”

Sure too much could be bad for you. Suppose a shipping pallet of shredded wheat fell on your head, for example?

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