Indigestion, gas, and many other unpleasantries. (TMI?)

When I was a child, I could eat anything. I mean ANYTHING, and have no ill effects when it came to digestion. Now that I’m older (not that much older, but older nonetheless), I find that certain foods have me fetal on my bed with a rock-hard, gas-filled stomach, diarrhea, or just awful pain. Why is this? I noticed the change the most after my daughter was born. Can having a child make such a difference, and if so, how? Also, it seems to get worse as I get older. I don’t think I have lactose intolerance because I can eat ice cream, cheese etc, but a few sips of milk has me wishing I was dead. How is that possible? When I was younger, I could drink huge glasses of milk and chocolate milk to my heart’s content.
So, what’s the deal?

My grandma would’ve said “You need more bulk”, honey" :wink:
Bulk = fiber.

Yeah, I agree with mangeorge. If I eat cereal every day, no problem, but if I eat a “paul bunyan” bowl of shredded wheat after no serious fiber for a while, BAM! Gas distenstion extraordinaire.

But I eat grape nuts every day!!! You can’t get much more fibery than that!

If you’re eating a pretty good diet, and still having problems, something’s wrong. Go see a doctor

Shredded Wheat is a mediocre source of fiber at best.

(This table sucks a bit, gives different serving sizes for different cereals, so fiber content must be adjusted to account for this)

Go for the All-Bran, or the Fiber One.

If that doesn’t do it, add daily citrucel or metamucil.

For intractable cases, use Colon Blow.

I used to be able to eat such things, as you age your body tells you what it likes. Listen to your body, it tells you what it wants, and what it does not want.

You could still be lactose intolerant to a degree, even if you’re generally okay with ice cream and cheese - those have less lactose than milk, and your body may still be producing enough lactase to deal with the lesser amounts of lactose in ice cream and cheese, but not the amounts found in milk, particularly reduced-fat milk. Also, lactose intolerance IS often something that sets in past childhood, so being able to drink gallons of milk as a kid doesn’t mean that you’re still producing enough lactase now.

Of course, it could be something else entirely. Try to find the patterns in what sort of foods turn you into a gas balloon, eat lots of Human Pellets, (I swear that’s what the high-fiber cereals look like) and go bug your doctor if you’re still all bloaty.

Quote from Dr. Q

For intractable cases, use Colon Blow.

Now, THAT doesn’t sound too comfortable. :eek:

When I say Colon Blow, I mean the original cereal, not the hot sauce.

It could be lactose intolerance, as elfbabe said. It’s really cheap and easy to buy a small bottle of lactase pills and take some when you’re having milk. If they make an improvement then great. Continue using forever. If they don’t you are out very little in money and effort.