I Must Wind Down the Wind (Gas) - Need Help Sorta Fast

I hate talking about these sort of–unpleasantries–but I need some solid advice somewhat quickly.

I am having problems with excess and more-foul-smelling-than-usual flatulence. The especially vexing thing about this is: I will be in a situation tomorrow (Friday evening) where this would be an Really Bad Thing, so I need to fix it effectively and fast.

I am pretty well aware of what foods cause problems for me personally and I am mostly avoiding them yet I am still having issues. Since this is a time-sensitive thing I don’t have time to experiment with my diet.

I want to take whatever drastic and powerful measures I have to to relieve this is the very short term. So I am open to OTC drugs, etc., that might ordinarily be considered “over-the-top” or not something one would want to turn to frequently.

I am traveling right now, but no place “weird”; I’m just in another part of the USA. Still, I wonder if different microbes, trace minerals, food additives. etc., that I’m not ordinarily exposed to are affecting the issue. But, like changing my diet, I don’t have time to experiment with finding out.

I’ve heard mixed things about the effectiveness of Gas-X and activated charcoal. I’ve used Bean-O before with no noticeable results. I’ve also read that pro-biotic yogurt can help. I’m hoping that you guys can give me some thoughts on those things and any other solid advice on a quick and effective fix for this.

Thank you much!

I was having some intestinal issues and finally resorted to a probiotic. Now prior to this I generally thought it was a bunch of crap (ahem), but I have to admit it helped. I think I used the one from Centrum. As I recall (this was about 8 months ago) it took 2 days to really make a change.

A coworker went gluten free and noted a substantial reduction in gas production. So maybe a simpler, plainer diet would also help.

Good luck!

Get some good multi-strain probiotic pills. Takes a couple a day. This will fix the underlying problem. Getting more fiber will help too.

Charcoal is a temp fix. Chlorophyll helps too.

Aren’t there odor-cancelling underwear inserts?

All of the above and I would also look harder at the diet, break it down one item at a time if you have to and research on line if it causes gas or not. I used to use cream in my coffee and it took me forever to figure out it was giving me stinky farts.

If it were me I would buy some Gas-X and probiotics, avoid most foods (eat, like, crackers and peanut butter), drink lots of water (not pop or coffee) and make sure to take a long walk before whatever is going on Friday.

Sexy time Friday night eh?

I would just eat a lot less, and drink only water. Maybe this evening try some natural-as-possible yogurt to get your gut bacteria back in balance.

I would get some Gas-X, and recently read that chewing whole cloves, or clove tea or diluted clove oil may help with gas and GI issues as well.

Gas-X says it’s for relief of intestinal gas and bloating.

Beano says it’s for prevention of same.

I’d be inclined to try Beano first.

I appreciate all of the advice so far. Many of you suggest good ways that I can get my “gut health” better overall, and I hope to do that. But this is something I need to try to improve in 24 hours–if that is possible.

Would pro-biotic pills help me any in 24 hours or less? Is pro-biotic yogurt better? Is activated charcoal effective in that time frame? What things other than crackers and peanut-butter are pretty safe bets to be low-risk flatulence-wise?

Whole husk psyllium is the key. Start with 5 grams (mixed with water or juice), and slowly increase the amount. I take 30 grams.

You will pass some gas, but the non-stinky type.

Different type of answer: I read–go Internet!–that if you’re bowels are signaling fart troubles, go into a secluded place and to help fart it out now, as opposed to later, assume the “praying-to-Mecca” on-knees face bow.

It works in a not-secluded place too, of course,