How can you all be so horrible?

I’m fucking sickened with the way you’re all treating me when I’ve just come onto the forums. OK I’ve been reading the forums for a lot longer than I said (about 18 months) so I know about Umkay already but I did nae say because I thought I may get a bad reception asking an admitadly similar thing. I haven’t even fully accepted my disability yet and you all make me feel like nothing. I just wanted to ask a very fair question. I’m not Umkay, I’m not even in thee same country. Surely there must be a way to check IP addresses? Your all a bunch of c*nts and I don’t want to be on this shitty forum anymore. Goodbye.


Let me get this straight. You are offended because people think you might be umkay, after you started a thread remarkably similar to umkay’s, pretending you didn’t know who umkay was, yet you did know. Is that correct?

I’m offended by the way you keep going on about it when I’ve done nothing wrong.

I’m not horrible. Unless you ask my wife.

This thread is so wonderful I want to eat it with a spoon.

How dare you call me a cant!

Wait. No. Don’t go.

I, for one, want to thank you for this act of discretion.


How did you expect people to react? It’s perfectly reasonable to be suspicious under the circumstances. Some people are acting like major league douches, but that’s pretty typical around here. If you are legit you could just ignore them and tell your story, people will figure things out eventually. If you’re not legit you won’t get away with it though, douchy or not, dopers are pretty smart.

No, we’re not. She just rolled in with the devotee reference too soon. You’ve got to warm up the crowd first, jaymac instead of jumping in with both feet. You’re just guilty of getting too excited about your pet fetish and finished up way too soon. Next time go a little slower and think about baseball or your grandmother’s cankles or something. Slow your roll if you want a big finish.

How can we be so horrible?

Because we are all horrible horrible people.

Or well, you know, just normal Humans.

Something about her typed accent just throws me off … can’t hardly understand her

But…if you’ve been reading the board long enough to know of umkay, and you recognize yours is a similar question…why all the but hurt at people feeling skeptical?

Also, you’ve been reading here for over 18 months and still thought your umkay like question was best posed peppered with ‘u’ in place of ‘you’? Is that right?

Wait. No don’t. Go.

I don’t know who you are. Please summarize your entire history on these boards

If she’s jumping, she’s full of shit.

ETA, I don’t have a dog in this fight, I just thought that was funny.

Jaymac, make a sign that says “SDMB” take a picture of it in your wheelchair, post it to imgur/photobucket/flickr and send us the link.

I get this feeling that without that being said, based on something from the other thread we’re just going to get a picture of a wheelchair.

jaymac1- you should learn to not get upset about what people say on the internet. People say really, really awful things all over the internet- try to learn to not let it affect your emotions. These are total strangers with whom you have no connection of respect or affection. Strive to get to the point that only those you love and/or respect can actually hurt you with words.