How can you keep windows explorer from spinning up the cdrom?

Ok. Whenever you open windows explorer, at least in win2k, and it doesn’t have the name of the cd in your cdrom in memory, it’ll spin up the cdrom to find out the name of the disc/drive.

This means you’re sitting around for 5 seconds waiting for the cdrom to spin up just to use windows explorer.

Ideally, the cdrom shouldn’t fire up unless you actually click on the cdrom.

Is there some way to prevent it from reading/spinning up the cdrom in normal (non-cdrom related) use?

take the cd out of the drive.

you shouldnt just leave one in there if its such a big deal…

So I replace a 5 hassle with a 10 second hassle when I do something that requires a cd. Not a good solution.

You could try switching off the ‘auto insert notification’ option in the cd-rom drive section of the ‘system’ control panel applet. But I am not sure if that would work.

I think that has to do with popping up the autorun file on the cd when you put it in - I couldn’t find an option for it, though.

I was hoping that perhaps there was a registry setting or something that someone knew about.

Funny story! - I was typing “sometimes you even have to hit the F5 key” and instead of hitting ‘F’ then ‘5’ I hit F5, and promptly lost my post!

Anyway - Yes, the autoinsert notification (being disabled) does stop the autorun programs from running. but one of it’s side-effects is that it stops windows from reading from the CD at all, unless you select it in explorer (sometimes you even have to hit the F5 [ha!, I don’t make the same mistake twice] key to get windows to see the drive)

This was in windows 98 though. I am not sure if it still applies.

SenorBeef I’d guide you to the command but I am on an NT system right now, which is completely different in the control panel than other versions I’ve used. (that said - maybe win2k does it differently too)