How can you tell which one is the blue line?

And what’s icing again?

And how about this crease that Roy keeps skating out of? I can’t see no freaking crease in the ice!

And is home ice advantage a good thing or a bad thing? 'Cause Detroit had it and now they don’t.

GO AV’s!!!

Heh heh.
Why did I think this thread was about dubious results of a Home Pregnancy Test?

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“Heh heh. Why did I think this thread was about dubious results of a Home Pregnancy Test?”

I thought it was going to be a rant about black-and-white subway maps for systems with color-coded lines. :slight_smile:

I am going to answer these not really sure that your questions were tongue in cheek.
The blue lines are the ones at both ends of the ice. They mark each teams zone if you will. They are painted, well, blue. This is the line that determains weather a team is offsides or not.

There are 5 lines on the ice. 1 center line (red) 2 zone lines (one on each end (blue) and 2 goal (end) lines 1 on each and runs along the front of each goal (red).

Offsides: When the controling team (team with the puck) has 1 or more players past the blue line before the player with the puck comes across the line. If all players clear out before the controling player comes across then it is not offsides.

Icing: When a player passes the puck down the ice from behind the center line AND it does not touch any players from eaither team before it passes the end line (past the goalie). But it is not icing if 1 of 2 things happen. The goalie from the other team touches the puck or the controling team (team that passes the puck) gets to it before the other team does.

2 line pass: This one is kinda simple. It is when a player makes a pass that goes to a player 2 lines in front of him. Example If player A is standing behind the zone line (blue) and he passes to player B who is standing past the center line (red) then a 2 line pass (or center line pass) is called.

The crease: Thats just the name for the area in front of the net (goal) that the goalie plays in. It is usually painted blue.

Home ice advantage is a good thing. They are basicly just saying that they are playing at home in front of a crowd of mostly their fans. It is thought that this helps a team. Its an opinion.

Thanks for the help. Now who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?

Just kidding. Just having some fun with the Red Wings fans who can’t handle the fact that a buch of newbies are going to get their names on the cup a third time.

Pull up a barstool over there next to the Cubs and Red Sox fans, boys. It’s gonna be a long dry season for you once those guys you mortgaged the future for start retiring. And that’s real soon.

Wow, that’s an awful big assumption, considering the series is TIED 1-1, and the game Colorado won had to go into overtime.

And DUH, everyone knows that the Lone Ranger is in Grant’s Tomb.

Colorado sucks! “Roy” is the French-Canadian word for “Jackass.”

Red Wings are going to win the series, and then bring the Stanley Cup back where it belongs…the Motor City!

The blue line is the one that’s blue on the map, that runs between Snowdon and Saint-Mi —


No one is buried in Grant’s tomb. There are people entombed there, but I don’t think anyone is buried there.

I was sure it had something to do with recognizing links on the SDMB.

Then again, that underline’s not really blue, is it?

Never mind.