How Come There Aren't Any Christian TV Shows?

I was just thinking about this at lunch. I can’t think of one. There is plenty of PI, lawyers, cops and witches etc show but no Christian shows. Why? Now you might bring up Touched By An Angel which is a pretty good show and does great in the ratings. But it never mentions Christ anywhere in the show.

There is a huge percentage of Christians in this country to watch such a show but for some reason there is not one. Is Hollywood discriminating against Christians? What’s the deal?

Well, you could have considered “Little House on the Prarie” a Christian show…

Zev Steinhardt

If you’d ever seen “Seventh Heaven”, you’d have no doubt about it being Christian.

Now why are there no Jewish/Buddhist/Hindu shows? THOSE people have some facts to support a complaint - unlike you.

Well, there IS trinity broadcast network.
And turn on tv on any Sunday morning and you will find Chrisitian programs.
What about PAX network?
Though for a real treat, try to catch Jan Crouch sometime…

No I have not when is “Seventh Heaven” on and what is it about?

And “Little House on the Prairie” was just a family show if I remember right.

I don’t think the ACLU would be very happy about that sort of show, but I’m not terribly certain that there is a way to prevent one from being aired.

Art Clokey, creator of Gumby, had a boring, tedious claymation show called David and Goliath that was pretty seriously Christian in nature. I was the biggest Gumby fan in the world as a kid, but as soon as D&G came on, I found something else to do, far away from the television. I suspect that might be one reason why you don’t see overtly Christian television shows–if you can’t sell that sort of thing to a five year old, who can you sell it to?

Hasn’t The Last Temptation of Christ been on network TV?

What do you consider a “Christian” show? One where all the characters are Christian? If that’s the case, you’ve got ALL the programming on the Trinity channel as well as all kinds of Sunday morning programming (700 Club, televangelists, religious cartoons, Davey & Goliath reruns). If you want a major character in a show who repeatedly professes his belief in God, there’s always the Flanders on the Simpsons, “Touched by an Angel”, reruns of “Highway to Heaven”, etc…

By the same token, there are no Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Shintoist, Hindu, or atheistic (where the actors repeatedly profess that they do not believe in God) shows on TV.

I think the question comes back to what exactly are you looking for? I think Little House demonstrated great “Christian Values” as did other shows like The Waltons.

I would consider those as Christian Shows as opposed to the Fr. Dowling mystery series.

While I have memories of the David and Goliath, that was a long time ago.

I’m not a really big TV watcher, so my info is limited, but weren’t there a couple in the last couple of years? One had Dan Ackroyd as a minister of some kind, and the other had some young curly headed priest in an inner city parish. I believe Catholics were upset at the portrayal of their faith in the latter and it didn’t make it past one season. Sorry I don’t know the names of either.

As far as why there aren’t more, I think it is pretty much of a mindfield. What religion wants to be played for laughs in a sitcom? And if a show is viewed as overly sympathetic to any particular faith in a drama, how do other faiths feel about that? And, most importantly, what advertisers want to be anywhere near this potential controversy?

Oops. Read “minefield.”

When you say “Christian show” what do you mean? Do you mean fictionalized dramas, sitcoms, etc.? Do these shows have to specifically mention Christ?

If you mean fictionalized dramas, sitcoms, etc. then I would think that Touched by an Angel would fit most peoples description of a Christian Show (even though Christ is not specifically mentioned). If you accepted this as a Christian Show then I beleive you might be able to find even more examples.

If you are referring to any Christian Programming then look for the Pax Network, TBN, and on many stations on any given Sunday. There are many Christian programs on then on many stations.

The following is a programming schedule from an organization that provides Christian themed programs to radio and t.v.:

…And then there was the Little House spinoff, Father Murphy, starring the imcomparable Merlin Olsen.*

*“Incomparable” of course refers to Olsen’s 14 consecutive Pro-Bowl invitations and his legendary status as a defensive tackle for the LA Rams. As Father Murphy, well… He should have stuck a little closer to Dick Enberg.

As has already been pointed out at length, there is also a large group of people who are not Christians, so Hollywood would potentially alienate them while catering to a particular religious group.

As far as discriminating, of course they are, everyone knows Hollywood is controlled by us Jews… :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think Hollywood would be more likely to be accused of discrimination if they did have “Christian” shows (whatever that means) - then they’d be discriminating against all the groups that didn’t have their own show.

Yes, I am imcompetent.

No Christian shows? I guess you don’t watch much Sunday morning TV.

In addition to the shows others have mentioned, PBS also airs The Vicar of Dibley. It’s Brittish, but it’s braodcast in the US so I assume it qualifies.

So, what exactly would a show about Christians be about. I mean, if the main character in a show is a private investigator, you expect to see him investigating. If he’s President, he does presidential things.

For a Christian character, you’d follow him around being Christian? Well all and good, but high-ratings TV it’s not.

On PBS is a show called Veggie Tales which is an extremely christian kid show. Does that count?

I know about Sunday morning ones(but we are kinda like in Church then). But what I am talking is prime time. It could either be fictional sit com or drama. Sorry I should of made that more clear in the original post.