How crowded is the Staten Island Ferry likely to be for Labor Day weekend?

We are visiting some relatives on Long Island for Labor Day. My oldest son (8) has recently developed a fascination for the Statue of Liberty and I had thought of going until I looked into it and found out you need to get to the ferry two hours before your ticket time for security checks and can’t go up into the statue (only into the pedestal) anymore anyway. My youngest son is 18 months so the 2 hour wait could only be a nightmare.

I understand you get a good view of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. Is it likely to be mobbed with tourists like me?


I moved to NYC two years ago almost to the day, and on Labor Day weekend, my husband and I took the SI ferry so I could see all the sights for the first time. It was crowded but not so much that we didn’t have a good time. I say go for it–we went in the middle of the afternoon, and the view is always awesome.

The Staten Island Ferries are huge boats which have ample capacity to take a full load of evening commuters, even when there’s a ball game going on at the Staten Island Yankees ballpark by the ferry terminal.

There should be no problem whatsoever with capacity or crowds on a holiday weekend. It may be a bit crowded on the upper or outside decks on the Statue of Liberty side (it always is), but you should have no problem finding a standing spot at least to see the Statue.

It’s a great ride, and the best value you can get for the (lack of) money.

Enjoy the visit.

I used to live in Staten Island. I took the ferrries all the time.

The boats are mobbed but they’re also huge. Never once did I have to stand even on a crowded weekday during rush hour.

The ferry passes directly by the Statue of Liberty. You’ll have no trouble at all getting a good view of it. Just sit back and enjoy the pleasant twenty-five minute trip. Once the boat has docked, you can get off, follow the signs and board another one back. The ferries typically run every half hour.