How Dangerous Is the "Most Dangerous Marijuana"?


US reaction:

If for the sake of argument, we assume it’s true that canucks create the kindest cannabis, how dangerous is it?

No more dangerous than the marijuana grown here in the States.

Dangerous? On a 1-10 scale. 1 maybe.

Does this marijuana contain more tar or carcinogens (sp?) than other marijuana. From my understanding that is the only real danger that I have seen valid for marijuana at all.

Well, compared to the ditchweed we get from Mexico and Colombia, I would guess that (hothouse) Canadian pot is certainly more potent. Dangerous? Only if you consider snack food demand outstripping supply dangerous.:smiley:

Well, being that there has never been a confirmed overdose of the drug, regardless of its potency, I would have to say not very dangerous. What dangers could they possibly be talking about? Falling asleep?

Alcohol and tobacco are far more lethal drugs, killing plenty of people a year. Both are legal. This is nothing but stupid, drug-war hyperbole.

Nice to see Canada using some common sense. I wish the US would do the same.

I can only speak from anecdotal evidence, but I have yet to hear of one person get injured from Canadian cannabis, which I can only assume we’ve grown up on. With one exception, a friend of mine once burned his tongue pretty bad on a burrito that was too hot.

Seriously, how do you classify something as dangerous, or more dangerous? And what about Marijuana is dangerous now? From my experience, no one I know has ever overdosed on marijuana or required any form of hospitalization as a direct result. I’m covered in scars that directly relate to alcohol… There are dangerous drugs, but marijuana or Canada’s super marijuana is not one of them.

Walters’ comment is not another example of crazy anti-drug fear mongering.

And musicguy, sadly it seems they have failed to use any common sense. The decriminalization simply means now (if its passed which is unlikely) that instead of a criminal charge you may recieve upwards of a $1500 fine. Oddly enough, the fine for young offenders is some where around $150.

Another problem now is that in the move towards decriminalization, the government has had to take a major swing the other way to show they are not legallizing cannibis. In effect things could get much worse before they get better.

I didn’t see anything about a $1500 fine in the cite you provided, unless you are talking about the penalty for growing. This is what I read…


The common sense comes in the fact that at least they realize that throwing people in jail for possession doesn’t make sense. You would think that we (US) would have figured that out too considering the overcrowding of our jails. Instead, we get uninformed rhetoric concerning the dangers of this new super-dangerous Canada weed.

Marijuana not dangerous?!

If someone throws a 1/2kg “soap” at you, that could bruise.

Really, when you think about it, the “most dangerous marijuana” (defined as the most potent) is also the safest marijuana in terms of health. Some of those Canadian varieties of pot are so potent that users take three or four puffs and put the pipe out.

Pot smokers don’t smoke and smoke until they render themselves unconscious, like many alcohol abusers do. They practice something called auto-titratation, which means they smoke enough of the drug to get them good and high, then they stop for a while. They just don’t feel like smoking anymore. This is the nature of the drug.

Call me crazy, but I think it would be better for a persons lungs to take two puffs of a well-cared-for plant grown in organic soil than it would to smoke two or three whole joints of outdoor Mexican crap that was sprayed with god-knows-what and smells of anaerobic bacteria.

I’ll second that. After a while, you just forget to take another hit (. . . or so I’ve heard).

Regarding the OP, the only “danger” to marijuana use is the threat of arrest. As the U.S.-Canadian border is less heavily scrutinized than the U.S.-Mexico border, I’d say Canadian pot is relatively safe.

Well, the Venus De Milo strain is very dangerous. Some Canadian genius, named Milo, crossed marijuana with the venus fly trap. Now we have very potent marijuana that can bite you as well. I saw someone lose a finger to it once. Major freaky if you ask me. The guy was sooo stoned that he did not even notice for an hour.

No really, the major cause of damage from marijuana is caused by the fact that it is mostly smoked. Smoke anything long enough and you will get all of the symptoms of smoking.

IMO, the main real danger related with majijuana is DUI, especially since, contrarily to alcohol, there’s no reliable and quick test which can allow the police to find out whether or not you smoked it recently (as opposed to “at some point during the six last months”).

From websites I’m not comfortable posting here, I find that the superb Northern Lights strain can contain up to 18% THC–I think that’s usually measured by weight, but I could be wrong.

In addition to neutron star’s comments, it’s worth pointing out that the high volume of THC has additional benefits. THC, so far as anyone can tell (and believe me, the Feds would tell us if they had a chance of getting away with even the broadest distortion of the truth) is not a carcinogen. Moreover, it may actually be a carcinogen blocker. That means that in addition to smoking a lot less of it, you’re taking in an even smaller percentage of bad chemicals by weight, and possibly even increasing the chances that those bad chemicals that are taken in are prevented from doing harm.

In short, I think it can be strongly argued that good reefer is less likely to cause cancer.

Unfortunately, there are still allegations about heart attacks associated with smoking dope, so the “good” effects may negate the bad ones in some peoples’ view.

And, also from the purely subjective point of view, when I’m smoking some good Canadian reefer, there is no way in hell that I would drive, or fly a plane, or even be particularly interested in getting off the couch.

I’m sure there are other folks out there who would act irresponsibly while stoned out of their minds. My response is to quote Oderus Urungus from his appearance on the Joan Rivers show: “Well I think that anyone who does that is very disturbed person to begin with.”

Differences between Alcohol and Marijuana vis-a-vis DUI:

Alcohol makes you aggressive. Thus drunk people are less likely to listen to advice (“Maybe you shouldn’t drive”), more likely to drive aggressively, and more likely to drive at all.

Marijuana makes you chilled out. Thus stoned people are more suggestible (“Hey … yah … dude !”), more likely to drive cautiously (“Whoah … everything’s moving so quickly! Maybe I’ll just pull over to the side of the road for a while”), and less likely to want to drive (“Man, this couch is really comfortable. I think I’ll chill out for a while.”)

Of course, I am not a driver so this is only hearsay. Does anyone have experience which may relate to this?

I’ll second cowgirl’s post. Marijuana doesn’t cause the same affects as alcohol and thus won’t cause the driving problems. People I’ve know that smoke don’t want to drive, and when they do its extremely cautious (paranoid).

But at the same time, clairobscur is right, there is no quick and easy test, and there is less understanding about “how much is too much.”

Actually, that is not strictly true. Overdose effects can occur with high doses, even though they do not appear to lead to permanent impairment/death, some of them are very unpleasant. In paticular large oral overdoses can lead to psychotic effects. In the toxicology department I studied at, they had seen cases of psychosis lasting for weeks where massive doses had been taken. Oral doses of marijuana take effect much more slowly than inhalation which can lead to inexperienced users taking very large amounts in the mistaken belief that no effect is occuring. These patients did recover fully over time but it was a very unpleasant experience for them and their families. Still much safer than pretty much anything else though, including alcohol.

Some links

Bottom line: people smoke until they’ve reached a certain level of highness. More THC in the buds equals less smoke inhalation required to reach desired effect. Calling certain strains of pot more “dangerous” is just so much rhetoric.

You can find a lot of info on driving while on pot here:

Lots of links to studies. Basically, don’t do it, but it is definitely not as bad as alcohol.

My friend is a cop in Denver and he wishes there were an easy way to test for pot for DUI. He says that most of the police he knows would advocate legalising marijuana if they could test drivers for it. Right now the only test he knows of is one where you tilt your head back and look up. They then look at the curve of your eyeball and see if it is shaking back and forth; this supposedly means you have smoked pot within the past 36 hours (maybe more), which is oh-so-helpful…

Glad to see Canada is trying to do something logical with regards to pot. The war-on-some-drugs is so ridiculous and ineffectual it is unbelievable.


There needn’t be a test for whether you’ve smoked marijuana. The only thing the police need test for is whether you’re unable to safely operate a motor vehicle. Tests of coordination, impulse control, and so forth already exist in the form of field sobriety tests, and these can be just as effective at determining if a driver is incapable of operating a vehicle safety – whatever the intoxicant.

This is horseshit, plain and simple, and easily rebuttable arguments like this just serve to hurt the legalization cause.
A considerably more important factor in driving than agressiveness/paranoia, etc., is reaction time. And pot slows reaction time - just ask the stoner who laughs at the joke five minutes after it was told.

This I can confirm. Back in college one evening, using rigorous criteria, my friends and I conclusively proved that you cannot toke yourself to death. :wink: